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watching the sun.

This is from my most recent trip to Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, along the very famous Paseo De La Princesa.

My buddy and I spent nearly the whole time traversing the old city at all hours of the day and night, trying to take full advantage the phenomenal Caribbean skies. We got to know Viejo San Juan really well by the end, even taking into account my drunken rum adventures.

Now, sunrise was happening WAY too early for us (mostly because of my Rum adventrues) so we tried to focus on sunsets instead.

**FYI, Sunsets happen at a much more reasonable time of day than sunrises.**

Even though you tend to see a lot of Sunsets and Sunrises in HDR Photography, they’re a staple for every type of Photographer. Often, there is way more planning involved than a simple game of “right place, right time.” Most photographers plot the times and positions of the sun way before they travel to locations.

If you’re curious about how I calculate Sunrise and Sunset Times and Positions, I’ve written a little blurb about it. Make sure to check it out by clicking here. It’s much better to know exactly where and when the sun will rise and set rather than just trying to be lucky.

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Technical Mumbo Jumbo:

– Nikon D700 – Nikkor 14-24 f/2.8@ 14mm f/6.7 Iso: 100
– 7 Exposure Brackets (,-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3)
HDR Photography Processing & Tone Mapping using Photomatix Pro
– Post Processing & Color Correction in Photoshop
– Blended in Elements from the Original Exposure (See before and after)
– Sharpened Edges with Topaz InFocus
– Enhanced detail with Nik Software Sharpener Pro
– Used the Photoshop High Pass Filter (Foreground Only)
– Selective Noise Removal in the Sky
– Selective Contrast areas to enhance lighting effects
– Wind + Leaves + HDR = Bad

Daily Banana – Sunset At Paseo De La Princesa

(move the slider to compare HDR before and after)

HDR Photo - San Juan Puerto Rico - Sunset Paseo Princesa