Slice Of Heaven || Stockholm Tunnelbana Adventures

While in Stockholm I spent 4 out of 5 nights underground in the Tunnelbana (T Bana) System. Why the heck would I do that, you ask? Well, the simple answer is insanity, but the longer explanation would include that, for some reason, I’m fascinated by elaborate subway and train stations so I’ve been shooting them all over the world. And in my (moderately insane) opinion, Stockholm holds some of the coolest subway stations on the planet.

In T Bana Vreten there are a few dozen sky cubes sticking out of the walls, floor, and ceiling. Since nearly all of the blue metro line is deep underground, it’s quite a juxtaposed effect in an otherwise claustrophobic and monochrome environment.

Sky Cubes in a world of monotone, deep underground in Stockholm's T Bana.


One of my favorite things about this type of photography is the strange looks you get from people, especially after midnight. It always makes me smile when I see someone making a “WTF is he taking a picture of?!” face. Or my personal favorite, why is that strange man laying on his belly and humming the tune from Batman?!” face.

Stockholm T Bana Vreten Underground Behind the Scenes - "We Dance"

My wife and I spent a few hours in Vreten Station not only considering different compositions and angles but also waiting for 2 trains to zoom by in frame. Since the trains arrived in 12 minute offset cycles, finding the right timing required quite a bit of patience. So as the clock ticked past midnight and delirium set in, what did we do to pass the time?… WE DANCED!

Obviously I wasn’t kidding about the insanity thing. 😉