Bungle In The Jungle

Have you ever tramped though the Thai Jungle with a bad case of food poisoning? Let’s just say that I wouldn’t recommend adding it to your bucket list. I’ll spare you the messy details but thankfully, if nothing else, I managed to teach my Taiwanese friend some new vocabulary on the subject. Oddly enough, none of it was in her English textbook. (Don’t worry, I already sent a letter to the publisher).

Despite the severe pain and discomfort, the scenery north of Chiang Mai, Thailand is beautiful, and I was able to get some really nice shots. — I’m really excited about it and I cant wait to share.

Daily Banana – Wellington Sleeps

Since my stomach is still tied up in knots, I wanted to Photoshop something calm and serene. So, this shot has nice soft lines, subtle colors, and a calm mood. I’m hoping that all of these things rub off on my stomach. Wishful thinking I know, but shit, nothing else is working…

This was the amazing view from our friend’s apartment in Wellington, New Zealand. I had a chance to stay about a week in this cool little town while visiting some friends at Weta Digital. Wellington has some bizarre weather to say the least but this one sunset was rather nice. There wasn’t even any of that ‘knock your ass down’ type of wind.

Sunset In Wellington New Zealand