Daily Banana – Path Of Angels

Though Rome is well known for it’s bridges, Ponte Sant’Angelo is by far my favorite. For a time it was called the Bridge of Hadrian because it was constructed by Roman Emperor Hadrian in 134 AD to span the Tiber, and connect the city center to Castel Sant’Angelo. Each of the 10 stone angels that line the bridge hold instruments of passion. These were commissioned much later in 1669 by Pope Clement IX.

And now that the history lesson is over, let’s move on to the fun part. 🙂

Path of Angels - Ponte Sant Angelo Rome

Path Of Angels – Before And After

Ponte Sant’Angelo is a popular walking destination for both locals and tourists so finding it empty can be tricky. Obviously, there are always less people out first thing in the morning but that causes a nasty side effect… It’s f#$king early… So, if you cant stomach getting up early (I don’t blame you), prepare to paint some stuff out.

For this scene, I waited about 20 minutes and shot it 5 different times. By waiting, I was able to isolate people as far away from camera as possible. Far away objects are much easier to remove because they cover much less detail.

With cloning in general, you never have to make it perfect. You only have to convince the viewer that nothing is wrong with what they’re looking at. — It sounds simple but it’s true. — As long as nothing stands out, eyes will breeze right over it, especially if it’s background detail.

It can also be strangely therapeutic. With a simple brush stroke, you can paint someone out of existence… Man… If only I had photoshop in High School.

(move the slider to compare before and after)


Path Of Angels - Rome - Ponte Sant Angelo [/beforeafter]